Port Babe Joolz Aer Desert Ochre [CLONE] [CLONE] [CLONE] [CLONE] στο Bebe Maison
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Port Babe Joolz Aer Desert Ochre [CLONE] [CLONE] [CLONE] [CLONE]

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Are you preparing to welcome a little one to your family? Attach this innovative baby carrier to Joolz Aer and voilà, your stroller is ready to carry your baby from birth. With the Joolz Aer baby carrier it is still compact and just as easy to use. You will see, they will love to relax on the comfortable, breathable mattress with plenty of fresh air provided by the ventilated, expandable cover. Above all, you will be amazed at the unique way it is folded. You do not need to remove the baby carrier, just fold it nicely and flat for easy storage. It is as compact as it gets, with no compromises on comfort.