Baby hammock based on Amazonas Koala

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Baby hammock based on Koala
The best gift for the new family member and for the parents. Baby hammock based on Koala. Two in one.
Both hammock and base. The Koala set consists of the children's hammock and the base, the babies can enjoy the relaxation, close to their parents, in the garden, at home, on the beach. It is a very light construction that is set up quickly and without tools. So parents can continue their activities while their baby is relaxing. The swinging baby continues to calmly watch what is happening around him. Shaking your baby in the Koala hammock puts your baby to sleep, gives him security and stimulates a sense of balance. In addition, the malleable shape of the hammock supports the learning of hand-foot coordination. The seat belt fastens the baby and protects him from falling from the hammock.

100% Cotton (machine washable)

Suitable for children aged 0 to 9 months

  • Επιφάνεια αιώρας (Μήκος x Πλάτος σε cm) 161 x 55 x 45
  • Συνολικό μήκος (cm) 161
  • Βάρος (Kg) 3,6
  • Αντοχή σε βάρος (Kg) 15
  • Ωφέλιμο ( Μήκος x Πλάτος σε cm) 110 x 60
  • Ποιότητα 100% Βαμβακερή